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There are many pathways to heal.. Do you know yours?
Do you know your journey is unique?

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Traci M. Baskin LMFT is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, a RTT Hypnotist, Doctoral Elect as a Clinical Sexologist and Author.

She developed (NRT) Neuro-Relationship Theory during her five years of therapy practice and has a private practice (Baskin Belief Systems). She specializes in: Sex Therapy, Childhood & Adult Traumas, Complex PTSD, mental health workshops/retreats, and Childhood Neuro-Development and Life Span Development. Her mission is to help others understand their belief systems within the four main areas; the biological, social, psychological, and spiritual self through the lens of their subconscious mind.


Kathleen Tucci, Life Coach

“Traci places her personal touch and incredible caring into all she does! Every client is important and she is solution oriented, offering a plethora of intelligent healing tools. I highly recommend her and know you’ll be happy with your experience."
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